You do not have to use a lot of money for you to enjoy your time in Dubbo. There are many local attractions that you can explore for free. They include the following.

Shoyoen Japanese Garden

The garden is a perfect location for a calming walk. You will be surrounded by nature, and you can even plan to have a picnic or a bicycle ride across the garden. Carry your packed lunch and find a tree to sit under so that you enjoy nature as you watch people passing by.

The Terramungamine Reserve

This reserve carries with it the exciting history of the aboriginals in Dubbo. You will witness the historical rock formations and how people lived in the rocks over the years. It is also a free space where you can have a picnic and go for a walk while enjoying the gentle breeze that comes from the trees and plants in the surrounding. They also allow people to go camping at the reserve grounds.

Macquarie Regional Library

If you love books and you just need space to read and get immersed in the literary world, you should visit the regional library. They also offer services to travellers who want to access the internet. Located at Talbragar Street, this library is known for having friendly staff who are always willing to help people navigate through the rows of books.

Riverdale Shopping Centre

You do not have to buy anything at the shopping centre. You can go here and simply window shop. Sometimes, walking around the centre and checking what is in style, how people are shopping, and the architectural design is what you need to calm yourself. You can also visit the souvenir shops in the centre and find something from Dubbo that you can take home with you if you are a tourist.